About US

We are a professional MasterBatch manufacturer, specializing in pigment masterbatch, Calcium Carbonate Masterbatch, and functional additives Masterbatch.
We have established over 30 years, keep inventing high value masterbatch.
Our customers include film, injection and extrusion manufactures. 
We export products to many countries, such as China, South East Asia, Africa and Middle America. 

Established Date: 1978
Factory Size: 20908 Square meters
Address: No. 505, Minfeng., Rd, Yangmei City, Taoyuan Country 326, Taiwan 

0000000 ISO Certificated

ERP used

Yield: 800 Tons per month

Certificate No.6759722129

Business Principle

We focus on technology and quality, keeping renewing our facilities. Our main products are  functional film-making masterbatches. And many kinds of color masterbatches.